The stock market for the longest time has been a favored and loved investment among many Nigerians; however, the real estate market is the real gold. The stock market feature however has had the advantage of being known for the longest time that it has been rather difficult for it to be unseated as the most popular investment mode. Most popular isn’t however safest and most profitable.

 The advantages many believe the stock market has are also strong points of the real estate market, things such as security and liquidity. What many don’t however understand is that the real estate market offers many benefits that the stock market does not offer, benefits such as lower volatility than the stock market and less correlation with public market investment performance in general.

 What Makes Stocks Volatile

 Stocks are volatile mainly because of correlation and volatility. They are present in every investment type and help to create a distinction between private and public markets.

There are several important differences between real estate and the stock market which make the former more stable than the latter.

  In conclusion, the real estate market is stable for all of these reasons and is a great choice to diversify your investment portfolio and compliment stocks. They are a great long term investment and offer great value for money long term. These reasons make real estate the go-to investment for investors looking to hold an asset in the long-term. It also makes real estate the best option for complementing stocks and introducing a measure of diversity into a portfolio.

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