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High barrier to entry in purchasing and owning real properties

Real estate is becoming less affordable to the average Nigerian as prices sour and purchasing power reduces due to economic factors. The most preferred investable property asset class are restricted to the wealthy while the average person is priced out.

No Data statistics or Available Platform for Data Exchange

There are no demand statistics that guide developers in building the right kind of Properties. Data in real estate is isolated in closed environments, with little or no available platform for real-time data exchange, learning, research capabilities, and trade services.

Localized Opportunities for Property Investment

The sheer cost of owning and managing a portfolio of properties across multiple states and countries will discourage most investors. Thus, the majority of property investors restrict investments to their city of residence or countries they frequent, and not where real opportunities lie.

The Solutions

Divercity is a real estate investment platform (REIP). On this Platform, we are building a marketplace that will offer diversified property investment opportunities from across the globe using a fractional cost ownership model that will  allow investors to invest shares in each property asset, to earn annual rental returns as well as capital gains upon liquidation of the asset.

By leveraging AI services, Divercity will provide data and insight on industry demand to property developers, enabling them the necessary information to build smartly to tap into existing demand, increase absorption rate and reduce vacancy rate.

By leveraging data insight and providing a ready market of property Off-takers/buyers, Divercity will secure high level partnership with developers to get properties at lower cost, making property acquisitions and investments more affordable for buyers.

By Offering properties in unit prices rather than whole prices, investors can easily purchase their ideal share percentage of any property, spread their investments through multiple properties across several states and countries and manage all properties using a single user-friendly mobile app.

The Opportunity


Trillion naira

Nigeria’s Current Real Estate Market Value


Trillion naira

Nigerian Real Estate Projected Market value by 2027


Million units

Current Housing deficit for which Nigeria’s annual capacity is 300,000 units



Active Middle-Class population looking for viable investment opportunities


Billion dollars

Required to close housing deficit


Million dollars

Expected revenue on conversion of 0.1% of Divercity target audiences at lowest entry price.

Our Technology

The Divercity Marketplace will serve 3 basic purposes;

  • A tech platform to find and purchase shares of real properties

  • A mobile application to manage multiple properties across multiple locations

  • An A.I system to collect and communicate real time data and insights on key market attributes like Rental prices, demand-supply gap, earning to renting ratio, new areas of opportunities etc.

The Team

Collins Oforgu

Chief Executive Officer

Okechukuwu Ukaigwe

Chief Marketing Officer

Joseph Olanrewaju

Chief Technology Officer

Ene Adesanya

Chief Financial Officer

The Advisor

Divercity Technologies Limited (Divercity) is regulated by the Security & Exchange Commissions

RISK WARNING: Investments in property and unlisted shares carry a risk. Your capital may be at risk and you may not receive the anticipated returns. This is not investment advice. These estimates are based on past performance and current market condition which cannot be regarded as an accurate indicator of future results. You should do your own due diligence or consult with an independent third-party advisor. Please review the full set of risk disclosure.

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