Investment Diversification – Why you need it, How to achieve it.

Investments have become the order of the day as many Nigerians are searching for more ways to financial  freedom. The downside to the various investment options available are the associated risks, although many do place investors on the journey to making more. In the midst of all this diversification is helping to reduce the effects […]

Commercial vs. Residential Properties, Which is the better investment?

 Investing in Real Estate is a great financial decision. Lands and properties are usually in high demand and as such the generated interest are usually satisfactory albeit with risks. There are various kinds of properties ranging from commercial properties to residential properties and with each class; there are different opportunities and investment prospects. In this […]

Why the Real Estate Market is Less Volatile Than The Stock Market

 The stock market for the longest time has been a favored and loved investment among many Nigerians; however, the real estate market is the real gold. The stock market feature however has had the advantage of being known for the longest time that it has been rather difficult for it to be unseated as the […]

Devaluation and Real Estate Investments

The economy of a country to a large extent determines many things including the profitability of investments. With people constantly sourcing ways to invest in real estate, there’s still the silent question of how much changes in the economy can affect their investment. One of the major strongholds of the economy in every country, including […]

Retaining The Value of Money with Real Estate Investment

If you don’t like to lose money, you should read this. In Nigeria, the constant devaluation of naira has people considering ways to guard their money to ensure that they are not losing money with inflation. The retaining of money value is an important aspect to growing wealth. The real estate investment market guarantees that […]

Buying A Green Property in Nigeria 2021

Real estate is a growing industry, but beyond the monetary value that makes it very notable, real estate is actually contributing to our existence and quality of lives. The world has changed over the years and one of the most important things that has become notable over the years is the climate change that threatens […]

Real Estate Risk Management

Real estate risk management is not a debatable option for property and land owners, renters and investors. Life in general is full of risks. There are risks in every action, every step and decision. As great as real estate is, it is not devoid of risks. Real estate risks are numerous and can be avoided […]

REITs – A beginners guide to Real Estate Investment Trust

Amongst many in the country, investments are the new order of the day. Many have gone beyond just hiding money away to understanding that the time the money spends in hiding only keeps the value at the same level. The value can be more and this is what various investment schemes of which Real Estate […]

Mortgage in Nigeria – All You Need to Know

A mortgage is basically a loan and operates the same way a loan operates. They are similar in that they both come from a lending organization like a bank; they however differ in that while a loan can be used for different purposes, a mortgage is used to purchase a home or property. Mortgages come […]

Property Demand Trends in Nigeria 2020

Property Demand Trends in Nigeria The real estate market is quite a booming area in Nigeria’s economy. The real estate industry has recorded growth year after year although affected by the economic downturn in 2015 and remaining slow in 2017 and early 2018. This is according to statistics by the Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company (NMRC). […]